January 28, 2015 “Marissa Roth captures the devastation of international conflict through a different lens.” By Michael Aushenker


Le Monde





February 24, 2014 “Marissa Roth gives war a female face.” By Georges Châtain



November 4, 2013 “A poignant story in pictures of how a war digs deep wounds.” By Eva Grippa


June 21, 2013 “…the exhibition “One Person Crying: Women and War” place in the light of the objective of Marissa Roth women whose destinies (were) marked by conflict world for sixty years.”







August 8, 2012 “Marissa Roth’s photos reveal the cost of conflicts.” By Tom Tugend








August 11, 2012 “Women and war becomes life for LA photojournalist.” By Iris Schneider





August 15, 2012 “New photo exhibit documents the effects of war on women.” By Lisa Napoli






August 15, 2012. “Photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Marissa Roth’s One Person Crying: Women and War at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles from Aug. 16 through Oct. 25.”





August 27, 2012 “War on Women, From Political to Literal.  Marissa Roth discusses her three-decades-in-the-making photo exhibition.”






September 11, 2012 “A Day at the Museum: War’s effect on women at Museum of Tolerance.” By Karen Wada




October 1, 2012 “Witness to reconciliation.” By Xaviera Medina de Albrand