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    “My War” opening at Highground Veterans Memorial Park
    © Shane Alexander/Highground A new angle on war from Marissa Roth. Working with 22 US servicemen Roth sourced more than 70 photographs from them, showing a different side of the Vietnam war. An exhibition opened on August 6, 2016, at Highground Veteran’s Memorial Park, in Neillsville, Wisconsin. In WEAU13 News this week: “72 photos all taken by 22...
    Monica Smith
    “Nothing much has changed in the world.” This portrait of Monica Smith, who is Anne Frank’s second cousin, is the final portrait of my 31-year odyssey that is the global photo essay,”One Person Crying: Women and War.” I had the opportunity to photograph and interview Mrs Smith one day before her 92nd birthday this past...
    Exposure with Skylar Lester
    Exposure with Skylar Lester is a show about notable figures in the world of photography. On this episode, Skylar interviews long-time photojournalist and documentary photographer, Marissa Roth. Marissa’s powerful project, One Person Crying: Women and War, focuses on documenting the effect that conflict has on women around the world. During the interview, Marissa discusses where...
    Interview with Wisconsin Public Radio
    Hear Marissa’s interview with Al Ross on Wisconsin Public Radio‘s “Spectrum West – Western Wisconsin Arts Culture and Humanities” when she visits for the opening of “My War”at The Highground, Neillsville. In a ten minute conversation she talks about how a visit with The Highground’s June Berg during Marissa’s exhibition there for “One Person Crying” ultimately led to...
    How Young Soldiers Saw Life in Wartime Vietnam
    “My War: Wartime Photographs by Vietnam Veterans,” is a series of photographs I have curated that were taken by 22 US servicemen during the war. An exhibition of the images opens at The Highground memorial park, in Neillsville, Wis, on August 6, 2016. In a New York Times Lensblog article about them, Joseph Berger writes: The photographs...
    Parkside, North Belfast
    Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 2006. This little girl lives in Parkside, North Belfast, which is still a heavily divided neighborhood.
    In the Village of Women
    Osmace, Bosnia And Herzegovina, May 16, 2009. The town of Osmace, near Srebenica, is now called “The Village of Women” because most of the husbands and brothers of the women who live there were killed in the war. Out of necessity, these women took over many of the men’s roles: working the fields, rebuilding homes, tending the animals...
    Witness to Truth in the Arizona Jewish News
    © Alain Labbe Marilyn Hawkes Contributing Writer to Arizona’s Jewish News visits Witness to Truth in Scottsdale. “While viewing Marissa Roth’s exhibit “Witness to Truth: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors” at the Sylvia Plotkin Judaica Museum, I couldn’t shake the feeling that every face, etched with the grief and suffering of the Holocaust, looked eerily familiar. The...
    Witness to Truth Opening
    Opening night of “Witness to Truth” at the Sylvia Plotkin Judaica Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. Marissa Roth is seen here with Jan Belin-Krulick, the exhibition’s curator. Marissa speaking to the guests in the small chapel of the synagogue that is part of the museum.   All images © Alain Labbe
    Witness to Reconciliation: Mujeres Mundi

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    Witness to Truth at Sylvia Plotkin Judaica Museum
    Congregation Beth Israel’s Plotkin Judaica Museum is pleased to present “Witness to Truth”, portraits of Holocaust survivors by Marissa Roth, opening on Sunday, January 31st at 2:00 pm. This exhibit, curated by Jan Belin, coincides with International Holocaust Remembrance Day which is observed on January 27th. Please help spread the word about this important event...
    Finding the Light on Broadway
    Marissa Roth meets Lisa Hayes after seeing Lisa’s play for this first time. Photo Marcin Lipinski, United Solo Theater Festival, NYC, November 1st, 2015 A very special evening was enjoyed by an intimate audience for Lisa Hayes’ one person play, “Finding the Light,” which is based on “One Person Crying” and Marissa’s experiences. The United...
    Finding the Light
    In the play “Finding the Light, Lisa Hayes portrays Marissa Roth, sharing stories of the courage and resilience of ordinary women surviving extraordinary challenges. UPDATE! The next performance will be in Gaithersburg, MD at the Arts Barn on October 22nd, 2015, from 1 – 3 pm. $20. Following Gaithersburg, the play will show in New York...